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Loay was Part of the NASA team that made history in April 2021 for flying the Ingenuity helicopter from the surface of Mars, where he was an electrical and power electronics lead on the NASA ingenuity Mars Helicopter team. He has been awarded a number of achievement awards for his exceptional contribution to the Mars helicopter team in demonstrating the feasibility of helicopter flight in the extremely thin atmosphere at Mars. Loay has over 20 years of work experience focused on power electronics in several industries, including automotive, renewable energy, and aerospace.
Most recently, Loay worked on the advanced power conversion and propulsion technologies used for the development of several industries (Space, Aerospace, Automotive & Semiconductors equipment.
Loay has comprehensive experience in Electrical / Power Electronics / Electric Motors / Hardware / Control Systems / RF / EMC / Project management products qualifications and procedures and testing of complex electronics designs. Consistently dedicated and committed to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives, with a proven ability to meet and exceed expectations in quality and maximum results. Dependable: solid professional standards pooled with absolute integrity.


– Power Electronics
– Electric Propulsion
– Battery Management Systems
– Energy Storage
– Hardware Design
– Analog/Digital Design
– Control Systems
– Optimal Control
– Electric Vehicle
– Electromagnetic fields
– Electric Motors
– Alternatives Energy

– Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) (drones)

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2014-2019 on Ingenuity Mars Helicopter NASA-JPL

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter NASA-JPL- Acted as Power Electronics lead and Electrical lead on Ingenuity Mars Helicopter NASA-JPL.- Lead Ingenuity Propulsion…

2019 – Engineering Sr. Director

Developed Automotive electric vehicle market research with focus on market size and technology advancement for EV components such as Inverter,…

2005-On Power Electronics Expert for Electric Vehicle

 Design and Maintain Power electronics Electric Vehicle.- Selected system architectures and topology, selected component and technology used in design such…

The engineer whose life journey from Gaza to NASA is almost as remarkable a giant step as flying a helicopter on Mars talks to @Channel4News

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